The person holding the guns, and the dead bobcat, is likely Frank Rackett. Exactly where he found the cat is unclear. The area in and around "Buchanan woods," south of Buchanan Street, and bounded by 32nd and 34th streets might have been extensive enough yet to harbor animals of this size.

It's to wonder whether this is the bobcat that became part of the museum collection, and is now likely in tatters. Needless to say, there is no more wildlife like this anywhere in Kent county any longer. In 1938 Plaster creek was still a "trout stream," but within the year would become severely polluted as raw sewage was dumped into it because there was not enough water treatment capacity available to support all of the new growth in the area. But since animals like this were usually shot on site, the area is now largely devoid of wildlife, and photographs like this one will not be repeated.

"Mr. Jones," shown further down, on the left, was Clifford Jones, Godwin class of 1928. He was in his sixth year of teaching at Godwin. Other scenes would have been familiar to Godwin student throughout the 1950s yet.