The Grooters family was prominant in the area along Allen Road ( later 36th Street ) and Kalamazoo Avenue. The barn referred to above was located on what is now Newcastle Drive SE, about half way between 36th Street and Grooters Street SE, on the east side of the road - right side in the map . The barn exist until at least the 1970s, but is gone now.

The Grooters family occupied a number of houses on the south side of 36th, near Kalamazoo Avenue. Earlier, the land was part of the Hannah farm, which estended south of 36th, from the east side of Steelcase to Kalamazoo Avenue. Later the land was owned by Lucy van Auken, and was eventually sold to developers. On the east edge of Steelcase, and just south of 36h Street, a Hanna centenial farm home existed until about 1964. The owner was possible Alex Hannah, who occupied the house from about 1922 to 1964, and might well have been a Michigan logger before that.