Charles Knapp, replacing John Buikema in 1943 or 1944, is now the first new school board member in many years. It is not clear just what the school board does, but many members of the board saw Godwin through it's most explosive growth period, and it's probably not coincidental that these people were there much of that time.

Frank Bartels owned a produce farm on the south side of Allen Road, east of Jefferson Avenue. It would later be appropriated by an explanding airport. It's not clear what Jay Doxtator did when not on the school board, but in addition to his many years of service on the board there were at least two generations of Doxtators attending Godwin. At least three if he attended. Matilda Andre might be part of the Andre family that once owned a gas station on the southeast corner of Allen Road ( later 36th ) and Division Avenue.

So most of the school board members were active in the community in other ways. Exactly why they wanted to serve on the school board for such extended periods of time is not known. In part is probably reflects a more stable, less mobile world, where people's interests centered more on their local communities.