Godwin Class Annual - 1938

1938 Annual

Class of 1938 - Introduction.

Although they did not get to enjoy the new facilities for very long, by the time the class of 1938 graduated the school had a new library building, tunnel under Division Avenue. A lighted football field, tennis courts, baseball field, swimming pool, and playground, now occupied the ten acre farm previously owned by Frank Rackett. Only his house on the northwest corner of Allen Road ( later 36th Street ) and Division Avenue was kept intact, and would be until he died in about June or 1959.

As so many were in the mid 1930s, the class of 1938 was largely defined by the Great Depression. But it does appear that by 1938 the school was supporting a fairly typical high school experience. The next decade would see both prosperity of a sort, and a four year war of a kind few today, in an era when a four day war seems excessively long, can really imagine. For those lucky enough to escape service, there was prosperity on the home front. Longer term the class of 1938 would see some very prosperous times in the U.S., and by the time they were 50 years old people were walking on the moon. While no one lives in certain times, the class of 1938 can look back on perhaps some of the best times that America has had to offer.

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