Godwin Class Annual - 1940

1940 Annual

Class of 1940 - Introduction.

When the class of 1940 entered kindergarten the first sound movies were just appearing, the first technical success being "The Jazz Singer," with Al Jolson. Probably the first memories for most of the class was the Great Depression, but then they never knew anything else. By the end of the US had pretty much full employment, if mostly in war production factories. The US had not been drawn into WWII yet, and when the class 1940 graduated there was no particular reason to think it would be.

Class members had mapped out their futures in their own minds, and that might include work in the local factories and businesses, the numerous farms that still existed in and around the Grand Rapids area, and higher education of one form and another.

Like many other classes around this time, students prepared, and hoped for the best. Many would end up in uniform in another year or two, and following that would for the most part participate in the proserity of the 1950s and 1960s. Most had taken good advantage of their time at Godwin, and were as prepared as anyone can be in a not always totally predictable world for their future lives.

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The cover of the 1940 class annual.
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