Godwin Class Annual - 1946

1946 Annual

Class of 1946 - Introduction.

The class of 1946 graduated into a world without war, but a world ravaged by war. The US emerged from WWII with a huge manufacturing infrastructure, but one devoted to war production. It would take several years to covert back to a civilian economy, and there was an economic recession after the war. Returning GIs could often not find work, and it was probably no better for many Godwin graduates. For those that were able to go off to college, things pretty much took care of themselves, and the economy was better by the time they graduated.

- 1946 Annual. -

The cover of the 1946 class annual.
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The entire 1946 class annual, made available for scanning by by Edna (Carpenter) and Forrest Keyes, Godwin class of 1934 and 1932 repectively, is presented below. To view the pages, simply left click on the page numbers. Each page has been scanned at about 150% of its original size in order to make some of the details easier to see. You might have to move the image around in your browser in order to see it all. Be sure to make your browser full screen size for easier viewing.

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