Godwin Class Annual - 1949

1949 Annual

Class of 1949 - Introduction.

Following WWII, America had pretty much returned to normal by 1949. The recession that followed the war, as US plants converted from war time to peace time production. The Cold War was on, and on June 24, 1948, the Berlin airlift began. Had the USSR shot down one of the US planes involved the Cold war might have become hot, but fortunately this is not happen. So the class of 1949 had pretty clear sailing in terms of world conflicts, and could concentrate on planning for the future. The economy was good enough by 1949 that the people coming home from the war could also finally get jobs. Prior to this, the thanks many servicemen got for risking their lives was to find that all the domestic jobs were taken, and the folks back home didn't want to hear a lot about a war that was mostly an inconvenience for them.

The baby boom was in full swing, and farmland was being carved up everywhere for more housing. Buchanan woods, west of Buchanan Street, and bounded by 32nd and 34th streets, and the Grand Rapids and Indiana railroad tracks, was plow down to create a housing complex which included the west side of Buchanan Street. Birchwood and Hillcroft were extended north from 34th street to 32nd street. A few farms would continue to exist within walking distance of Godwin, but for the most part the area was thoroughly urbanized by 1949, and populated by a lot of people from Godwin, who worked in the very industries, stores, and shops that supplied the growth of the area.

In a political sense the 1950s were dominated by the rivalry between the US and the USSR, but like most US wars after the Civil War, things were not adversely affected on the home front, and for most people the Cold War mainly created more demand for military goods. A door to the 1950s, life in America would be something of a joy ride for the next ten years or more.

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