Godwin Class Annual - 1956

1956 Annual

Class of 1956 - Introduction.

Conditions for the class of 1956 were essentially the same as for the class of 1955. The US economy dominated the world. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan pointed out that in the late 1940s and early 1950s he could assume the US economy was the whole world for purposes of economic analysis, and others probably did the same thing. US jobs were plentiful. The US auto industry, the "Big Three" as it was known then, had a de facto monopoly, a situation that would last another ten years or so, until high quality Japanese cars began to appear.

For all practical purposes the class of 1956 could look forward to mostly indulging in its own pursuits. The next "conflict," as wars would now be named, was also about 10 years away. By the time the Vietnam comflict was ramping up in the US, members of the class of 1956 were often homeoweners and parents, and with this claim it was unfair to induct them in to the military. It was clear sailing, and the US economy would be as strong as in the 1960s as in any other decades. It was truly a time of unfettered opportunity. Add in the US space program the lanch of Sputnik fostered, and the untold thousands of technical jobs created by it, and it's fair to say the class of 1956, like those classes slightly before and after it, graduated into a world almost without equal in terms of opportunity.

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