1963 Classmate address information

On about September 24, 2006, the process of updating the 1963 classmate information data base began. Suzi Loomis incorporated what is known in to a spreadsheet for ease of maintenance, and this will be kept online for use by the class.

Please send e-mail to both Suzi Loomis and Bob Kline if your own information changes, or changes for a classmate you know.

People who did not graduate with the class of 1963 are shown at the bottom of the list, for the simple reason that the list is organized by name and annual page number for those that did graduate from Godwin. Everyone who ever was part of the class of 1963 is of course still welcome to all reunion events.

Current spreadsheet.

As of July 8, 2007, the spreadsheet contains the best information we have about the whereabouts of the class of 1963. In some cases, classmates are deceased, or have indicated that they no longer have any interest in the class. Overall, the process of updating the spreadsheet will never really end. Classmates are now beginning to retire, and move to places deemed paradise. So there will likely be even more changes in the location information in the years ahead. Hopefully many classmates will provide their new information.